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Earthquake Commission (EQC) & Levy Increase 2017

What does EQC cover?

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) provides cover in case of natural disaster for residential homes, land and contents. This cover is only available when you have a current private insurance policy for your home and or contents. The cover provided by EQC is capped. If your claim is over their limit or for an item not listed below, your private insurance will kick in. 


What's not covered by EQC?

  1.  Any items excluded in your home and/or contents fire insurance policies
  2. Intangible property
  3. Jewellery, precious stones, money, works of art, securities, documents or stamps
  4. Motor vehicles, or the parts of accessories of a motor vehicle
  5. Trailers, or the parts or accessories of a trailer
  6. Boats or other vessels, or the parts or accessories of a boat or vessel
  7. Aircraft or anything in or on an aircraft
  8. Explosives
  9. Any bush, forest, tree, plant or lawn
  10. Growing crops or cut crops in the open fields
  11. Animals
  12. Tennis court
  13. Jetties, wharves or landings
  14. Roads, streets, drives or paths
  15. Any paving or other artificial surface
  16. Bridges or culverts more than eight metres from your dwelling, or if they are on the main access-way, more than 60 metres from your house
  17. Retaining walls, except retaining walls for support or protection of your dwelling within 60 metres from your house
  18. Dams, breakwaters, moles, fences, poles or walls
  19. Drains, channels, tunnels or cuttings
  20. Reservoirs, swimming pools, baths, spa pools, tanks or water towers
  21. Burglary, theft or vandalism following an earthquake or natural disaster
  22. The cost of staying somewhere else temporarily after an earthquake or natural disaster
  23. Any contents used solely or principally for commercial purposes.

Note: Item 18, 19 and 20 may be insured if they are part of the building that is your residential building. 

Check out this list at the EQC website.


How much does EQC cover you for? 

If you have private insurance, EQC covers your house and contents as below:

  House Contents
Cover Up to $100,000 + GST per house Up to $20,000 + GST
Excess  The 1% of the amount payable for the claim, minimum $200* $200
  If you are making a home and contents claim, your excess will be 1% of the total claim, with a minimum of $200. Contents used for commercial purposes aren't covered by EQC.

*for example: Ms.Singh's house is damaged by an earthquake and she would like to make a claim for the $45,000 worth of damage to her home and contents.

Ms. Singh needs to pay an excess of 1% of $45,000 which is $450.

EQC also includes
  • land under or within eight metres of the buildings
  • land under the main accessway within 60 metres of the building
  • retaining walls for support or protection within 60 metres of the building 
  • bridges and culverts within the above areas
EQC covers physical loss or damage caused by earthquake, natural landslip, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity and tsunamis.
For more information, see EQC website

How to lodge a claim

In the event of an earthquake or other natural diaster, you should first lodge a claim with EQC before you start one with us. A claim to EQC must be lodged within 90 days. Call 0800 DAMAGE (326 243) or click here to lodge a claim.

Once you have your EQC claim number, you are ready to lodge your insurance claim with Trade Me Insurance.You can do this via My Insurance and follow the claim process.

For more information about lodging a claim, you can check you How to make a claim.


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.


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