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Holiday homes - business or pleasure

A holiday home is a house that is your home away from home which you spend time in occasionally. It is in a different location from the house you usually live in.

You may rent your holiday home occasionally however, please read the section "Some of your further obligations if your house is a holiday home" in your policy wording.

Different types of use

Personal use - if you own the property and use it as a personal holiday home or bach at least once a year. You may also occasionally loan this holiday home to family or friends.

Rented occasionally - if you own the property and use it as a personal holiday home or bach, and also occasionally rent the property out to others.

Short-term rental - if you own this home and it is set up as a dedicated short term rental property for holiday accommodation. You do not use it personally.

Permanently unoccupied - if no one lives in the property, or if it's a holiday home that you won't be staying in for the next 12 months.

To be covered by the Trade Me Insurance house policy it is important that the house be occupied periodically throughout the year by you.

It is important that you contact us to tell us about any change in circumstance around the usage of your house.  

This is a summary only. See if this policy is right for you by viewing our policy wording which includes our benefits, terms and conditions. 



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