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Please note only a policy holder or fully authorised person can cancel policies

Please choose the reason that best fits your situation. You can explain further at the bottom of this form if required. If you’re unhappy with one of our products or services we’d like to hear from you. We might be able to sort things for you, or if not, we will review your feedback for future improvements.

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Enter the policy number or a description of the asset e.g. House at 45 Queen Street, or My Toyota Corolla, or simply "ALL". We can always contact you to confirm if we are unsure.

Please note if the cancellation is close to your direct debit date we will stop all future payments, but may not be able to stop this one. We will refund the unused premiums as soon as they have cleared on our system. If you do not pay your premiums by bank account please note in the section below a bank account number for the refund.

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