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Pimp my car

Some people like to add a few personal touches to their cars. If this is you and you want to know how to cover them, keep reading. 

Please note that we may not cover some accessories and have a set value that we will insure you for. 

What are accessories and modifications?

Non-standard accessories and modifications added to your car can be covered under the optional 'Accessories and Modifications' benefit on your Comprehensive Car Policy.

This benefit helps us know exactly what we're insuring and keeps your car covered for all the personal touches you've added, not just the generic model from the shop floor.

Click How to add accessories and modifications to jump straight to the steps. 





Mag wheels

Depending on the type and size, prices vary between $200 and $20,000 per set so you'll want them covered. 


Increases power and fuel economy


If the size or make of the turbo has been changed or if one has been added to the vehicle it can add a lot of horsepower

Bigger intercoolers

This is an expensive modification and we may not insure this. This increases air flow and adds power to the vehicle, This modification is usually in addition to a non-standard exhaust

Turbo timers

These are used to help the turbo during cool down after a drive. They are a reliability aid – nothing more. Some companies have added to this a boost gauge so you have two accessories in one

Body kits

These add to the looks of a car, but they can also help improve handling

Blow-off valves

These release air pressure during gear changes to make a turbo charged car more responsive under acceleration

Air Intake modifications

Adds horsepower through cleaner colder air

Adjustable boost

Increases or decreases boost pressure in turbo

Aftermarket computers

Adds a minimum of 80hp

Uprated computer chip

Adds up to 30% more horsepower

Extra fuel injectors

Adds horsepower and adds boost if it is turbo-charged

MOMO and recaro

Makers of aftermarket steering wheels, gear knobs, mag wheels, racing seats and other accessories. “Boy Racer” material

Gauges and tachometres

Used to measure temperatures, pressures, electrical currents or turbo boost these gauges are often used as an aesthetic accessory for “Boy Racer” cars

Car stereos, speakers and in car entertainment systems

Basic speakers, full competition systems, tape decks can be exchanged for CD players, in-car laptop setups, TV screens and in-car DVD systems

Nitrous oxide or NOS

At the push of a button it can add 100hp or depending on the installation may even double the power of the car

Lowered suspension

This lowers the centre of gravity of the car to improve handling. The manufacturers include King Springs, Pedders, Koni, Jamex, Bilstein etc

"Airbags" (or airbag suspension)

Airbag suspension is a type of suspension that works on putting compressed air into a suspension "bag" or "bladder" via remote, controlled from within the car. Putting more air in or taking air out will raise or lower the cars ride height and centre of gravity

Chameleon paint


This is that quite amazing paint on vehicles you sometimes see – the vehicle appears green/brown/purple and changes colours depending on the light and the angle you look at

These are vinyl stickers that are often pre-painted and designed to enhance the look of a vehicle. They are applied panel by panel and an entire job can cost thousands depending on the design, detail and fitting


How to add accessories and modifications

During a quote you have the option of adding any modifications and accessories.

You will be given a list of options which you should fill out with as much information as you can.


If you already have a policy, you can simply add any accessories and modifications by selecting edit all or expand all and editing the relevant section on My Insurance.


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.


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