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Saving your dollars

We have set out a table below of possible discounts that you can get at Trade Me Insurance. Please remember to always refer to your policy wording to make sure you are eligible.


Trade Me members

If you are a Trade Me member, you get a mates' rates' discount of 15%!


No claims bonus

Trade Me Insurance's no claims bonus works like a ladder. If you go a year without a claim you will receive a no claims bonus. If you then go another year without a claim, your no claims bonus will be increased further until you reach the the highest discount available.

If you make a claim, you'll only go down one step, so could still retain a discount on your policy. If you make a claim where you are required to pay an excess and do not qualify for no claims bonus protection, your no claims bonus is reduced upon renewal of the policy.

The no claims bonus is reinstated after another year without a claim where you paid an excess.


Annual payment

Paying annually can save you up to 10% off your premiums. This option can only be paid using a credit card, which includes a merchant service fee of 1.8%, but it still remains the cheapest way to pay for your insurance.


No claims bonus protection

No claims bonus protection is not a discount but protects the discount you get from your no claims bonus. This is only applicable in comprehensive car insurance policies.

If you have two continuous years with a full no claims bonus and you have a claim, we will maintain your no claims bonus.


Please always refer to your policy wording for full details:

Comprehensive car policy wording 

Third party car policy wording

Contents policy wording

House policy wording


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.



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