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Choosing an email address - why it's important

As Trade Me Insurance is an online insurance brand, we require an email address for every individual person.

We use this email address as a unique identifier to find your details and policies.

You can't use one email address for two people even if you share a policy.

Please choose your email carefully - it will be used as your user name and give you access to all your policy information.

We are happy to change your email address. To do this, check out our article How to change your email


For example:

John and Mary share an email address of

However as they are both policyholders, they have to have their own email addresses. So John uses the original email and Mary creates her own,

Now they have their individual logins to My Insurance and can make changes to their shared policy.


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.


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