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Power of Attorney

What is a Power of Attorney?
Power of Attorney (POA) and Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) are legal documents that give another person the authority to handle your affairs.

Good terms to know for this article:

Authoriser = The person giving the authority for a POA or an EPOA. 

Attorney-in-fact = The person who is receiving the power to act on behalf of the authoriser


Power of Attorney and Trade Me Insurance Policies

We can action requests from an Attorney-in-fact on your behalf.

We must first receive:

  1. A copy of the Power of Attorney or Enduring Power of Attorney confirming their right to act as the Attorney-in-fact
  2. A copy of a certificate of non-revocation - You can fill out the form below

 Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney_01.pdf

You can send these to You'll need to let us know your policy number and details of the insured so that we can attach the documents to the correct policy.

Once we've received these we will update our records and process the request.


Why do we need a certificate of Non-Revocation of Power of Attorney?

The certificate is the only approved means of declaring that the attorney in fact still holds authority.

If you need any advice on this process, you can get in touch with you lawyer or contact us.
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