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Construction materials for house

As you're going through the quote process for house insurance, you'll be asked what materials your house and roof are made of. Below are a couple of tables to help you out if you are unsure what to choose.


Construction type for the house


Including extruded aluminium weatherboard profile and other types of metal not specifically mentioned


Including burnt clay, sand lime, engineering bricks, fly-ash clay bricks

Butynol or malthoid

Butynol is a synthetic rubber membrane for roofing and waterproofing. Malthoid is a 2 ply felt material impregnated with bitumen which is also covered in a fine sand


Including concrete block, cement and tilt panel, fibre cement sheet cladding and hardieplank weather board.

Fibre cement

Including asbestos cement cladding, roughcast and stucco

Iron or steel

Including colorsteel and corrugated iron


Including sandstone and schist

Wooden products

Including timber, palliside, weatherboard and plywood



Construction type for the roof


Including cement and roughcast


Including glass roofing panels


Including long run roofing, corrugated iron and pressed metal tile profile


Including polycarbonate, butynol and PVC roofing


Including overlapping stone pieces fitted together

Tile profile

Including shingles and bitumen, terracotta, clay or cement tiles


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