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What to do if your house is tenanted

If you have a rental property, we offer additional benefits that you can add to your house and contents policies to give a little extra certainty

Please note that when your house is tenanted an additional excess of $100 applies.


Benefit Summary

Landlord's contents and chattels

If you have contents that are permanently at the tenanted address, you can add this benefit to cover them, instead of purchasing a separate contents policy. Select a sum insured that suits you for things such as home appliances, furniture and chattels.

Additional loss of rent

You're already covered for loss of rent due to natural disasters but you can purchase this add-on to cover your current weekly rental amount or $500 per week (whichever is less) for loss of rent for other reasons.

This benefit has an additional excess of $250.

Deliberate damage by tenants or their guests

This additional benefit provides cover for repairing deliberate damage to your house by your tenants or their guests. You can choose the amount you want to be covered for.


What are your obligations?

As the owner of a tenanted house you are responsible for the house. This means you must:

  • make an application to the Tenancy Tribunal when rent is 21 days in arrears
  • collect at least one week's rent in advance along with at least three week's rent as a bond which is registered with Tenancy Services
  • complete an internal and external inspection of your house at least every three months and document new damage or concerns
  • select tenants that have satisfactory written or verbal references
  • have a written tenancy agreement with pre and post tenancy inspections, always documenting new damage
  • monitor rent payments and notify the tenant if they are 14 days in arrears.
  • visit your house to make sure the tenant still lives there

These obligations are important to follow, otherwise we may decline your claim.


This is a summary only. See if this is right for you by viewing our policy wording which includes our benefits, terms and conditions. 


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.

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