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What are your obligations?

In order to ensure that you remain protected by your policy, we require you to advise Trade Me Insurance of any changes that might affect your policy or our decision to insure you as soon as they occur.

These could be, but are not limited to:


  • Any modifications or changes to your vehicle that are different from the manufacturer’s standard specifications
  • Anyone becomes a new regular driver of your vehicle
  • You or anyone who may drive your vehicle commits, is charged with, or convicted of, any criminal offence or traffic offence, other than parking infringements.


House and contents

  • The use or occupation of the house or land at the situation changes to include any business use
  • Any structural alteration or addition is made to the house
  • The house becomes tenanted or becomes a holiday home
  • The holiday home is occasionally rented
  • The insured or any person who may occupy the house is charged with, convicted of, or commits any criminal offence other than traffic offences

It is your responsibility to be aware and understand what your obligations are. Following these obligations is essential to ensure you are covered at your time of need. 


For a full list of your obligations please refer to your policy wording.

Comprehensive car policy wording 

Third party car policy wording

Contents policy wording

House policy wording

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