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My expensive stuff - why should I list it?

On the first page of your contents quote, you will be asked about any valuable items that you may want to specify. Our contents insurance policy has built-in limits. If you have items above the limits, you should consider listing them. We call these specified items. It is important to specify items that are worth more than the standard cover because if you don't and something happens, you'll only be covered up to the built-in limit.   
We don't need you to name every single item that you own - just those that are worth more than the below limits. Please refer to your policy wording for more detail. 
Your overall sum insured is made up of specified items and general contents. When specifying your items, make sure you put down as much detail as possible as this will make claim time easier.
This is a summary only. See if this is right for you by viewing our policy wording which includes our benefits, terms and conditions. 
Jewellery or watches
You might want to list your engagement ring or that Rolex watch from granddad. 
If you have an item of jewellery or a watch worth more than $2,000, you may want to specify it on your policy and select a specified sum insured. It's best if you give us as much detail about your item as you can. If you have a valuation of the item, you can send this to and we can keep it on file. This will make it easier if you ever need to claim. 
If you don't list an item over the $2,000 limit, we will only be able to pay you a maximum of $2,000 per item up to a maximum of $10,000 for all of your unspecified jewellery or watches for one event. This is dependent on your total sum insured. 
You can list as many different jewellery or watch items over $2,000 as you have. 
To help explain this, see the following examples:
Unspecified Specified Total claimable (subject to your sum insured limit)
$2,500 of jewellery items* $2,500 ruby ring $5,000
$6,000 of jewellery items* $7,000 gold and diamond watch $13,000
$12,000 of jewellery items** - $10,000
$12,000 of jewellery item** $5,000 sapphire engagement ring $15,000
 * up to $2,000 per item
**Up to a maximum of $10,000 for all unspecified items in one event.
Cameras and video equipment
If you have a camera, video equipment and accessories worth over $2,000, you may want to separately specify it on your policy. 
You can list multiple items if they have an individual value over $2,000. If they are worth less than this then they will come within your general sum insured amount. 
Depending on your general sum insured limit, there is cover up to $10,000 for all camera and video equipment for unspecified items. This $10,000 is per claim and separate to the $10,000 maximum for jewellery and watches. 
If your bike is worth over $1,000, you might want to separately list it. 
If your bike is worth less than $1,000, this will come within your general sum insured amount.
Electronic items
That cool curved TV you bought last month? The new gold apple iWatch? Anything electronic worth over $5,000 you may want to list to ensure that you are fully covered for it. Otherwise the maximum we will pay is $5,000 per item, depending on your total contents sum insured. 
Household items
This includes things like furniture or any electrical appliances that aren't plumbed or wired into your house. This can also include rugs. If that Persian rug or leather lounge suite is worth over $5,000, you might want to list it on your policy. 
Mobility scooters or lawnmowers
From your ride on mobility scooter to your ride on lawnmower. To make sure you are fully covered, list the item if it is worth over $1,000. 
Outdoor items
Anything outdoorsy that hasn't already been mentioned, like your portable spa pool or your BBQ and picnic table set, you might want to list if they are worth over $5,000. 
Personal effects
Any personal effects that you haven't already listed, that are worth over $5,000. Think expensive clothing, shoes, handbags or luggage. 
Sporting and camping gear
Your elite personal trainer 3000 system, or that twelve person pop-up tent palace taking up space in the garage? If an item is worth more than $1,000 - you might want to list it so it can be valued correctly at claim time. 
Watercraft includes things like canoes, kayaks, surfboards, dinghies, kite-boards and windsurfers. This also includes their accessories. 
If any of these items are worth over $1,000, you can list them and give us a description for each item. Otherwise, the maximum we will pay, depending on your sum insured, is $1,000 per item. 
If you have some arty squiggles or a marble sculpture that is worth over $5,000, you may want to give a description and value for the artwork when you list it on your policy. 
Depending on your chosen sum insured limit, anything less than $5,000 will come under your general sum insured amount. 
Some tips about proof of ownership for your items
When it comes to expensive items, it is a good idea to keep the receipt. This will come in handy at claim time when you will need to provide proof of ownership. It is also good to send us a valuation if you have one. This can be sent to 
Some handy ways to keep a track of your items:
  • Photocopy or scan all your receipts - receipt paper fades over time!
  • Keep your receipts in the same place
  • Keep copies of any online purchase invoices
  • Take photos of your valuable contents items just in case you lose your receipts

For more information, see What is proof of ownership?


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.

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