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Gradual damage - when stuff falls apart

What is gradual damage?

Gradual damage is damage that happens to your property over time. This could be because gradual deterioration has caused damage that you were not immediately aware of or you have not carried out regular maintenance.

What is included in my policy?

Most damage that happens over time is regarded as wear and tear and is not covered by your insurance. However under the Gradual damage benefit we will cover accidental physical damage through gradual deterioration, mildew, mould or rot as a result of the leaking of:

  1. a permanent and hidden internal water supply pipe 
  2. a permanent and hidden internal waste disposal pipe, or
  3. an internal water supply tank 

The leak must have first happened during the time your house was insured with Trade Me Insurance. You need to be aware that damage caused by a leaking tap, shower mixer or flexible rubber hose may not be covered as it may not be considered permanent. 

If your claim is accepted, we will pay up to $2,500 to repair the resulting water damage. However, we will not pay for the cost of locating and repairing the leak itself.

If you have this benefit under any other policy then the maximum we will pay under all policies is $2,500.


This is a summary only. See if this policy is right for you by viewing our policy wording which includes our benefits, terms and conditions.


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