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How to get a quote online

Getting a quote is an easy online process that may take about 10 minutes. You'll need to provide a few personal details and information relating to your car, house or contents.

Remember, if you're a Trade Me member, you can get a 15% discount on your premium.



During the quote process you can add optional benefits and see how these change your premium. The premium is interactive and changes depending on the options you select and information you provide. It is a good idea to have a play with different excesses and optional benefits to find a policy that suits your needs.



Once you have gone through the quote process, you can save your quotes by registering with My Insurance. You can save your quote at any time throughout the quote process. These quotes remain valid for 30 days.



You will have to enter an email address which will be used as your login. For more information, check out Choosing your email address - why it's important.

Throughout the quote, there are some declaration questions. Please fill these out accurately and completely. Each change you make to your policy will require you to redo these declaration questions to make sure your information is kept up to date.



You will then see a page with a summary of what you have chosen for your policy. Review this carefully and make sure all your information is correct.

Once you are happy with everything, you can go ahead and purchase the policy.

Then sit back, relax and welcome to Trade Me Insurance!


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.


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