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Comprehensive car basics

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What is comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive cover provides full cover for a range of events. This policy covers damage to your car and to any property you damage whilst driving. 

With comprehensive cover, you agree to the value that your car is worth in the event that your claim is accepted and your car is written off or stolen.

Please note that at this stage, we do not cover commercial cars. 


What benefits are available?

Trade Me Insurance has standard benefits and optional benefits. Standard benefits are included in your policy and optional benefits can be purchased and added to your policy at any time. Full benefit information can be found in the policy wording or on the policy benefits page.


What's my excess?

Your excess is chosen by you and is the portion of an accepted claim that you pay. Be aware that there are also additional excesses to do with the level of experience of a driver. Standard cover is for named drivers over the age of 25.

The additional excesses are as follows:

Named driver under 25 years of age $500
Un-named experienced driver $1,500
Un-named inexperienced driver $1,950
International $1,000
Please note: You are considered an inexperienced driver if you have your restricted license or have held your full license for less than two years. 
For more information please visit Excesses explained.


What are your obligations?

It is your responsibility to be aware and understand what your obligations to ensure you are covered at your time of need. 
To see what your obligations are, read our What are my obligations? and All about honesty- disclosure and declarations articles or check out your policy wording.



This is a summary only. See if this policy is right for you by viewing our policy wording which includes our benefits, terms and conditions.


Still unsure? Fire up a live chat or contact us, we are here to help.


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